Aldona's Bed Linen

Pure Linen Bedroom

We spend a considerable amount of time of our lives in our bedrooms. After all, we need deep sleep, rest, love and dreams. Aldona Pure Linen facilitates in meeting these needs through its natural, anti allergic and soft fabrics. The products create a novel experience through simplistic elegance, allowing you to feel refreshed every morning.

Bed linens colour options:

White & Off White

  • Delicate butter wool blankets

  • Precious coarse pillowcases

  • Refined bedlinen sets


  • Sea of roses to be used as dry rose petals

  • Rose scented bed linen

  • Restful oxford pillowcases

Hot Water Bottles

Treat yourself to an Aldona Pure Linen covered hot water bottle to keep warm throughout a winter's night.