Aldona's Philosophy

Benefits of Pure Linen


Of all known yarns, pure linen creates the best microclimate for the human skin. The material is suitable for all seasons. It keeps your skin warm in winter and cool in summer.


Pure linen bedding and sleepwear make it is easier to fall asleep and rest soundly. The material is rich in omega 3 and can be used to treat wounds and burns.


Pure Linen has a low absorption rate of static electricity; more importantly, is not a source of it. This is of great importance for people sensitive to synthetic fibers and for whom the presence of electric charges is undesirable. Among natural fibers, it has the best resistance to friction and tension (three times higher than that of cotton).


Pure Linen is strong, its colors are preserved even under high temperatures and it has excellent dimensional stability (i.e. it does not shrink easily).


Pure linen is completely biodegradable and leaves no waste materials during its processing. Properly calibrated pure linen does not contain heavy metals or unwholesome substances.